Guide For Beginners: Bong Parts Explained

Bong parts can be confusing to those who are just starting out with smoking. Fortunately, there are some basic bong parts that everyone should know about. Most bongs have four main components: the bowl, downstem, chamber and base.

What Does a Bong Have?

Grasscity offers a vast selection of bongs for those who are looking to buy one. Bong anatomy can be confusing, even for experienced smokers, but all essential parts are included in every purchase. The typical glass bong consists of the following:

  • A neck
  • Downstem
  • Mouthpiece
  • Water chamber
  • Dry herb bowl

Additional accessories like

  • Percolators
  • Ash catchers
  • Splash guards
  • Ice pinches

To learn more about each part of a bong

The Bong’s Neck

The neck of the bong is the most visible portion of the device. It’s where the smoke begins its journey from the bowl and ends with you inhaling through the mouthpiece. This tube is usually located at the base, extending up to meet the water chamber.

It comes in a variety of shapes, such as straight, curved, or more unique designs. The neck is typically transparent so that you can observe smoke’s path towards your lips. Some users even refer to it as “the vessel”.

The Downstem

The downstem plays an important role in bong use. It is the tube that leads smoke from the water container to the mouthpiece and creates a gurgling sound when inhaling cannabis. The main purpose of a downstem is to act as a filter, cooling the smoke and allowing it to be saturated by the bong water. Most bongs come with an adequate downstem, but you can always purchase a larger one for added convenience.

The Mouthpiece

This area is typically situated at the end of the neck and serves as an entry point for inhaling smoke. In earlier times, mouthpieces were positioned horizontally at the highest point of the bong. Today, they are usually angled from one side to provide easy access without having to bend over or hover above it when taking a hit.

The Water Chamber or Base

A bong has a base at the bottom of the pipe that is filled with water. This part serves as a filter for smoke from cannabis. The most common types of bases are beaker, straight, or round. A typical straight-based bong chamber consists of one single cylinder while the beaker shape has a conic base and round-based ones have flat bottoms. All these shapes impact on airflow differently.

The Bowl

The bowl of a bong is the part where you put your marijuana. This attachment is designed to hold dry herbs or cannabis flowers, and it’s usually the first component that smokers think of when they’re using their device. 

The size of the bowl can vary, but generally it requires grinding up the weed before placing it in there; however, this isn’t always necessary as you can just push small amounts of cannabis directly into the bowl and light it up without losing potency.

Additional Bong Accessories:

Beginners should avoid types such as honeycomb, which contain multiple tiny holes, as these are more likely to get blocked and potentially affect the taste of hits. There are also several sizes and shapes available for those looking for options when selecting their percolator


A percolator is an additional bong accessory that can provide a smoother and cooler hit. It works by cooling down and filtering the smoke before it is inhaled. While some bongs come with a built-in percolator, others allow for one to be installed. The only downside of having a percolator is that they require cleaning regularly due to being prone to getting clogged.

Ash Catcher

If you don’t have a percolator, an ash catcher is the next best thing to get. This glass bong attachment captures burned marijuana ash and prevents it from entering your mouth. Normally, the ash from dry herb would drop into the water chamber but with an ash catcher, it can be stopped before reaching that point. 

Some more advanced models of this device even go as far as replacing the function of a percolator or come with a built-in percolator so as to help filter your smoke. An effective way to reduce tar and residue from regular bong use, an ash catcher is also much easier to clean compared to other alternatives like percolators.

Splash Guard

A splash guard is used to keep water from entering the mouthpiece while still allowing smoke to pass through. Different sizes and shapes are available depending on the particular bong style. This barrier stops any water from bubbling up and coming into contact with the user’s lips.

Ice Pinch

Ice pinches are indentations located in the neck of a glass bong, designed to hold ice cubes and allow the smoke to pass through without being blocked.

Final Thoughts:

Whether it’s a percolator for smoother hits or an ash catcher for cleaner smoke, these additional pieces are essential if you want to get the most out of your bong. 

Don’t forget about splash guards and ice pinches too – they’re just as important! With all this taken into account, you should be able to find the perfect bong accessory to enhance your puffing experience.

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